Thursday, March 19, 2015

March shows

Happy almost Equinox. I've been crazy busy and have until now forgotten to blog about a couple of shows I have work in. The first is at "You Art What You Eat", a national juried show about food at Union Street Gallery in Chicago. I'm thrilled that two of my farmed animal liberation paintings are in this show. As far as I'm concerned, the more eyeballs that see animal activist art, the better. Below are the two pieces in this show.

"The Cruelest Holiday" - (c) 2013 Michelle Waters

"Smarter Than Your Dog" (c) 2013 Michelle Waters

The second show is "Loteria!", Cactus Gallery's 10th Anniversary group show. I've been showing with Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles for a few years now, and owner Sandra Mastroianni always does an amazing job with creating interesting shows, but I think she's outdone herself this time because this show is just fantastic. For this show, each artist was assigned one of 54 Loteria cards (Loteria is a Mexican game of chance, like Bingo). My card is "El Gallo", the rooster, and is below.

"El Gallo Psicodélico" (c) 2015 Michelle Waters

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