Saturday, July 12, 2014

Custom animal portraits to benefit Hen Harbor sanctuary

Hey - do you have an animal friend that you've always wanted a portrait of? I'm helping with a fundraiser to save Apples, one of the rescued hens at Hen Harbor, a 501(c )(3) non-profit animal sanctuary in the Santa Cruz mountains. For a $200 donation, I will paint an 8 x 10 portrait of your companion animal. And for a $100 donation, I'll paint a 5 x 7 mini-portrait of your animal.

Apples the hen was rescued from a battery-cage factory farm in June 2013. She is dying from an impacted oviduct, a condition that is a directly attributable to the factory-farming industry: Being bred to lay so many eggs in such a short amount of time destroys the oviducts of industry hens after only a few years.

 Here's more info:

 Here are some examples of my animal portraits:

Thank you!