Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Octopus Art Project

I'm delighted to have one of my paintings included in a wonderful coffee table art book: "Eight Arms of Inspiration - the Octopus Art Project" published by Out of Step Books. Featured in this extensive collection are: paintings, drawings, tattoos, sculptures, sketches, photographs, graffiti art, digital art, jewelry, poetry, glasswork, cloth art, pottery, bronze work, cake art, and so much more - all centered on the octopus as the inspirational and creative focus. Below is my painting that is included in the book.

"Octopussy" - Acrylic on Canvas - Michelle Waters

Friday, February 8, 2013

My latest commissions!

I've been painting for almost 30 years at this point (how did this happen?) and I've painted a lot of odd and different things. Here's a commission I just finished, and rather than explain who inspired this painting I'll leave that to the viewer's imagination. This is a portrait of the client's companion rabbit.

Here are two commissions that I finished late in 2012; the first is of the same rabbit in Victorian dress, the second is the family's female rabbit, dressed as a proper Victorian lady.

I really had a lot of fun creating all three of these paintings! And now, after painting all these rabbits, I'm on to my next subject: chickens...