Monday, September 27, 2010

art shows and stuff

Hi there...I have a few art events and such that are going on...I was interviewed by Patricia over at Eclectix. Here is a link to ze interview...

me at the "Warm and Fuzzy Show" at Eclectix Gallery last year

I have some fun shows coming up:

"Day of the Dead" at Deb and Omar's house in San Jose. This will be a multi-artist event with many interpretations of DODT. I am creating an installation (my first!) to honor the animals that died in the Gulf oil spill. Deb and Omar's art events are not to be missed! Here is the scoop:

October 16 - 7-10pm
October 17 - 12-5pm

Canvas Ghost Productions
992 S. 8th Street
San Jose, CA 95112


"My Favorite Nightmares", a large group show at Works/San Jose, will open on October 31 at 7pm. I have created something truly horrific for this show:

AAAACK!!!! It's the Dick Cheney head spaceship, along with his friends Ronnie and Sarah!!

This one promises to be full of thrills and chills! There will also be a second opening for first Friday in November from 8-11pm. Works is at 451 South First Street in downtown San Jose.